It is a time of Decay: tens of generations and ten thousand cycles after The Great War forged the unified elven Empire of Fyn’faliir and brought the Valari to power, they have fully embraced the hedonism of their position and ignored its attendant responsibilities, preferring to indulge their intellectual flights and petty politics over the pragmatic needs of their citizens.

In this vacuum, those seeking the power denied them so long create and embrace organizations outside the law, becoming the local de facto governments of their peoples: the Rombe Caravans and Firms, Dor Hunts and Clanates, and Svalt Ships and Wharves. The Vilde cling to Tribe and Tree, seeking only to left alone. These groups are polarizing, fracturing the seams of the Empire with their growing mutual distrust.

It is also a time of Renewal: the sitting Emperor, rightly feared among his nobles and despised outside the Valari, is leading the Empire instead of shirking duty like several of his predecessors. The strengthening of groups outside the Imperial Seat has given rise to leaders among the other elvish peoples, even though they are at each other’s throats. The potential exists for these leaders to weld together against coming trials, if they can overcoming their own narrow desires. Indeed, ancient pacts that once bonded these people together wait ready to be rekindled.

The fire and the fury needed to drive such change are set in motion. Yet, who will guide these flames to create, instead of destroy? The sparks have been struck against the long foretold – their fates are immutable, so say the legends of old, but their paths and the fate of a million others remains unwritten.

Welcome to our page; we are running a home-made setting (Empire of Fyn’faliir and its surroundings) with a handful of custom elf races. We play about twice a month.

Please, have a look around and let us know what you think.

About the campaign title…

There are three major plot lines:

  • the fall of a government and what takes the place of that government (Empire Renewed),
  • the fulfillment of mortals’ supernatural destinies (A Dragon Ascendant), and
  • the revelation of the influence of “things beyond” on the earthly realm (Substance and Shadow).

Each plot line serves a different aspect of the game. Empire Renewed concerns intrigue running from highest royalty down the lowest criminal underling, power games that determine the power of individuals and fate of peoples. A Dragon Ascendant addresses destiny (elevated and ill) outside the purely mortal realm, the stuff of awesome deeds both divine and debased. Substance and Shadow skirts the ancient and infinite influence of beings beyond earthly comprehension, visiting the implacable and uncaring “deities” of this place.

Empire Renewed, A Dragon Ascendant, Substance and Shadow

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