Blue Oyster Barkeep


Frekks is a young elf, less robust than those tromping about the Shipping District, but by no means reedy. He is typically seen garbed in simple silk provided by his place of employ.

His hair is a rich, dark blue, tied into handfuls with several crimson red ribbons; his chin sports a short goatee. Several of his teeth have been replaced with steel substitutes.


Makes a mean “fish-eye” – sour river apple jack, and something to do with fish gutting leavings – best enjoyed and not investigated.

Loud and bawdy, he still keeps his ears open the drunken ramblings at his bar. He can recall those ramblings for a reasonable price, and forget a slip of the tongue for a little more.

Knows how to get word to and fro the less savory element of the Wharves.


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