Campaign Specific Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies

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Paragon Paths:

Circle Factor : You are an initiate of a Druid Circle; requirement: any primal class
Tower Neophyte : You are accepted as a student of Ark Turris; requirement: arcane, psionic, or divine class.
Scrow Apprentice : You are apprenticed to a Scrow arcanist; requirement: arcane class.
Selaad Apprentice : You are apprenticed to Selaad wilder; requirement: psionic class.
Gladius Imperii : You have joined the Imperial Army; requirement: martial class or proficiency with military melee weapons.
D’Rok a Tun : you are a member of the People of the Dragon.
note: all racial paragon paths require the race’s affinity feat to take
Sailmaster : the storms and sea are your servants; requirement: Svalt
Zephyr : you wander the wind, seeking adventure and profit; requirement: Rombe
Winter’s Stone : the cold blood of the mountain throbs in your veins; requirement: Dor
Shade Leaf : you are one with the dark heart of the wood; requirement: Vilde
Studious Mind : learned master of many secrets; requirement: Valari
Servant of War : battle is not the means, but the end…of others; requirement: N’tafi

Epic Destinies:

Embrace the True Form : you accept your place among the wild; requirement: Druid
Circle Elevate : you join the elite ranks of the Circle; requirement: primal class
Highlord : you have been selected to lead elite Imperial forces; requirement: martial class
Handmaiden to the Seven : you are part of one of the Seven’s coteries; requirement: D’Rok a Tun paragon path or D’rok Devotee feat.
Ark Master : you are elevated to a position of power in Ark Turris; requirement: Tower Neophyte; or Scrow Apprentice/ Selaad Apprentice paragon path and Ark Savant feat.
Nordish Arcanist : you are a master of the Scrow tradition; requirement: Scrow Apprentice; or Tower Neophyte/ Selaad Apprentice paragon path and Scrow Sorcery feat and arcane class.
Selaadan : you embrace the Selaadan Way, and sharpen your mind into a weapon; requirement: Selaad Apprentice; or Scrow Apprentice/ Tower Neophyte paragon path and Soudern Wilder feat and psionic class.
Shadow Savant : you are initiated into the Substance of Shadow; requirement: divine class

Campaign Specific Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies

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