The Races of Fyn'faliir


The races of Fyn’faliir, the elvish empire, comprise:

  • Valari, the city-dwelling political elite
  • Dor, hulking makers from the Nord, they hold the line against the Orc nations
  • Rombe, wandering merchants, the only elves that dare crossing the Scour
  • Svalt, amphibian waterfolk, as at home in the Deep as Ril’a’Bog
  • Vilde, diligent forest folk, tenders and harvesters of the Nyo flora and fauna

Driven from the Empire into the Nethers nigh ten thousand cycles ago, the N’tafi were the servants of destruction. Their history above ground has been systematically expurgated by the Empire; the Nether has wrought a similar fate below. Such a cruel environment leaves little resource for anything but survival.

Soud of the Empire, scrub tribes of humans eke out an existence in the vast veldtlands, occasionally attempting to invade the Soudern Vilde clan territories.

Nord beyond the glacial boundary, the 13 orc nations brave the frozen wastes, venturing annually to war with the Dor.

Ester is bound by the Cragsglyf ranges, erupting up from the Nether, home to goblin infestations and other unknown horrors; beyond the Cragsglyf lies the Scour and further still the peoples beyond the vast desert, the City-State of Termaqua, known only to the Rombe.

Vyst lies the Great Deep, expansive ocean plyed by the Svalt; the realms beyond it are secrets they hold dear.

The Races of Fyn'faliir

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