Empire Renewed, A Dragon Ascendant, Substance and Shadow

A Meeting of Fates

Three struggled soud towards Glen’an’Ril:
  • Krull, his adopted House destroyed by political machinations and imported human assassins, he was left for dead in the sewers beneath El’af’Banaan where he found
  • Rabiah, escaped from the prison beneath the city, she has lost track of just how much time she spent there, but is desperate to find her family. Upon escaping the city, these two are joined by
  • Arjuna, a boy forsaking the way of his people, seeking peace instead of profit
Upon arriving in Glen’an’Ril, they rescue
  • Thaerun, an entertainer – and hence an almost-nothing among his people – from the clubs of some Shipping District toughs
and Rabiah thinks she recognizes
  • Nassir, a dead-ringer for one of her nephews, absconded from his post at the Soud border of the Empire over his botched attempt to stop some human trafficking.

After much wrangling, our heroes decide to pursue their common concern over human incursions into Fyn’faliir:

  • Krull, determined to extract vengeance against them for their part in his House’s downfall;
  • Nassir, to clear his name by tracking the true criminals;
  • Arjuna, seeking to the weed out the root of swirling violence;
  • Radiah, hoping to find information about her family among those in need;
  • Thaerun, a careful eye measuring future allies and the opportunities to be made out secretive politics.

They begin their quest seeking out knowledge of activities local to Glen’an’Ril that might connect to the human merchants. Casual conversations in the streets and taverns clued them in to rampant bribery in the Licensures Office, as well as problems for the Taxation Collective. Pursuing this lead, they refused to be thwarted by the kindly old archivist, and discovered that several shipping companies and trades businesses are involved in bribing a few licensing agents:

The shipping companies:
  • Fargosk & Son,
  • Brothers Ronne,
  • Hook Needle Shipping,
  • Boatman Nak
  • Lanks’ Rafts
The trade businesses:
  • Jewels of Afran
  • Ive Ironmongery
  • Star Silks
  • Haran Antiquities
  • Marchmar Toolcraft
The licensing agents (only first initials available in the records):
  • P. Kresso
  • J. Nyrne
  • D. Valto

Relative to the taxation issues, they discovered that a few Vilde tribes north of the city had been paying their due sporadically for nigh on a decade, then not all in the past year. The tax delegates signing for the Vilde are J’Ban Asur (m), Tuval Eltner (m), Yvenne Slou (f).

Our heroes also planned further investigation with the troops of the Garrison, as they would probably have some information about general illegal activities in the surrounding regions.



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