Empire Renewed, A Dragon Ascendant, Substance and Shadow

Floating Down the River

The night before our trip down the river, Krull left and we were joined by his brother Diarmuid, who is looking to travel to the Imperial City. We took him into the group to insure his safe arrival at the city, because he is being hunted by unnamed assassins. The night we stayed at the Blue Oyster. Diarmuid gambled, and lost a bit of money while Nassir was looking on.

The next day we set out to meet with the wharfmaster. After haggling him down on his paying price for our protection services on his rafts, we settled on receiving 1 gp per person in advance and an additional 1 gp per person on completion of the job. He took us through the docks and got us situated on the five rafts that were tethered together to travel down river. Diarmuid and Thaerun were stationed on the front raft, Rabia and Arjuna on the middle, and Ral and Nassir on the last.

The day passed uneventfully, but that night we felt the rafts shuddering oddly. We inspect the water around the rafts, prod the riverbed with the steering poles, and even send one of the Svalt into river to see what is going on. Nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening, so another Svalt dives in to inspect the rafts and informs us that the bottoms of the rafts are torn up. We decide to travel back up river to the location of the shuddering and station ourselves till morning when we have better light to decide what to do.

The next morning we rigged an alarm system while we did a more in-depth inspection of the rafts and the surrounding river. While we are looking around the alarm sounded and we were surrounded by reptilian amphibious creatures. They proceeded to destroy 4 of the rafts while we and the Svalt fought them off. In the end only 4 (out of 20) Svalt remained with us, we had captured one of the creatures, and saved one of the rafts.

We decided it would be best to continue down the river to the nearest town and repair the ship and interrogate the creature for more information on why they attacked us. So we began paddling downstream…


Actually, you all had set off again in the morning after further inspection and setting up the alarm system. The rafts were attacked in the afternoon.

I’ll edit in a direct link to the wharfmaster NPC.

Floating Down the River

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