Campaign Specific Feats

Concordant Feats

Feats marked with the Concordant keyword have effects which depend on the character’s alignment with an ethos or faction, much like the concordance measure with artifacts. As with artifacts, players know which actions will likely increase or decrease their concordance, and what benefits they currently derive, but not their exact score.

When acquiring a concordant feat, it’s score is set to neutral. This applies even if the character previously had the feat.


Affinity [Concordant]

(skill focus like bonus to racial skills at normal, no bonus at -1, negative at -2, double at +1, extra feature at +2 – gain concordance for helping non-party members of race, successful check in preferred in environment once per day, lose concordance for harming members of race, failed check in opposed in environments)

Gale Harmony [Rombe]:

The Battlesong hymns add secondary effects:

  • Hymn of Fury: Forzando – the attack bonus also applies to damage
  • Hymn of Perseverance: Clear Notes – the bonus also applies to saving throws
  • Hymn of Regrowth: Brioso – increase the bonus die size from d6 to d8
Predictable Pain [Valari]

Any power that benefits from the attack bonus of the Foresight power (either directly or via Prescience), may add the attack bonus to any damage done by the power. If the power has healing effects, those also benefit from the bonus.

Harken to the Stone [Dor]

The attack bonuses of the Harbinger feature also apply to damage rolls.

Practiced Bite [Svalt]

Apply a +1 feat bonus per tier to attack and damage rolls with the Sawtooth Grin power.

Sniper [Vilde]

Prerequisite: elven accuracy. When you have remained in the same square since your last attack, treat your Elven Accuracy power as At-Will once per round (even if you have previously used it this encounter).

Masochist [N’tafi]

The character may reroll any damage die result of 2 or 3 and must reroll 1s, but takes damage equal to the triggering die roll each time this effect is used. This effect replaces the race feature Brutal.


The Dragon Inverted [Concordant]
The Dragon Presiding [Concordant]
The Dragon Quiescent [Concordant]
Trickster Gust [Rombe]

Gain the encounter power Trickster Gust:

Immediate Reaction
Trigger: a directed ranged attack misses your AC or Reflex by the bonus of Favored of the Wind
Effect: redirect that attack to an adjacent creature, but treat that attack as if it now had combat advantage against the new target

Travelled [Vilde]

The benefit of the Scout feature may now apply to the general hurdles of any environment you have previously traversed for more than a month.

Versatile Taste [Svalt]

requirement: Constitution 10 or Intellect 10

Your Poison Tongue damage now has side effects. Every extended rest choose one of the following side effects (all status effects end on save) for targets that take Poison Tongue damage:

  • Sapping target is weakened, and has 1 + Constitution or Intellect modifier penalty to checks to break grabs
  • Caustic damage is gains the acid keyword and does 1 + Constitution or Intellect modifier additional damage
  • Hemorrhaging healing effects on the target are halved
  • Numbing target is slowed, and has a 1 + Constitution or Intellect modifier penalty to Perception checks
  • Persistent the damage also inflicts on-going damage equal to 1 + Constitution or Intellect modifier
Cram [Valari]

Choose an encounter power you are eligible for of your level or lower every time you take an extended rest. At the beginning of an encounter, you may substitute this power for a power you have trained (i.e., a class, skill, paragon multi-class, or theme power) of the selected power’s level or higher.

Juggernaut [Dor]

The damage and other effects of opportunity attacks provoked by moving through threatened spaces are resolved at the end of your turn.

Bloodthirst [N’tafi]

Whenever you bloody an enemy with non-ongoing damage, you may spend a healing surge, and you gain temporary hit points equal to the damage inflicted by the bloodying attack. Whenever you reduce an enemy to 0 hit points with non-ongoing damage, you gain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge + temporary hit points equal to the damage inflicted by the attack.


Windwalker [Rombe]

Gain the encounter power Windwalker:

Effect: fly your speed.
Sustain Move
Special to sustain, you must have moved at least your base speed flying the previous turn.
Special if you have Gale Harmony, increase the the aura of Battlesong by 5 when using this power.
Special if you have Trickster Gust, you may use that power as an at-will (even if you have used it as an encounter power already) when your most recent move was with this power.

Titan [Dor]

Attacks effected by the Harbinger bonus daze targets damaged by those attacks until the beginning of your next turn (save also ends).

Special if the attack benefits from the Harken to the Stone feat, you may also apply that bonus damage to all creatures adjacent to creatures damaged by the initial attack. If there are no creatures adjacent to an original target, you may forgo the bonus damage to roll a secondary attack (the to hit ability of the original attack against Fortitude) to stun that creature until the beginning of your next turn (save also ends).

Special if you currently have unresolved effects due to Juggernaut, attacks that benefit from Harbinger double damage.

Sadistic Vengeance [N’tafi]

Anytime you are damaged, gain a feat bonus to damage to your next attack equal to that damage. If you are bloodied by the damage, double the bonus.
Special if you have the Masochist feat, you may benefit from that feat on your next attack without taking the damage.
Special if you have the Bloodthirst feat, double that feat’s effects if it triggers from your next attack.

Prescience [Valari]

If you use your Foresight power for a skill check, apply the bonus to all checks with that skill until the end of the encounter. If you use your Foresight power for a saving throw, apply the bonus to saves against effects with the same keywords until the end of the encounter. If you use your Foresight power for an attack roll, the bonus applies to attacks against any targets hit by the attack until that target is dead or the end of the encounter.

Special if you apply the Foresight bonus to a Cram power, instead of the normal Prescience bonuses, you may use both that power and Foresight at-will.

Master of the Hunt [Vilde]

Unless a target has total concealment from you, treat it as if it had no concealment or cover. Increase your racial skill bonuses to +5.
Special if you can currently benefit from the Traveller feat and have the Sniper feat, you may always treat your Elven Accuracy power as at-will (but only useable once per round).

Shark Frenzy [Svalt]

Whenever you inflict damage with Sawtooth Grin, gain temporary hit points equal to that damage.
Special if you have the Versatile Taste feat, gain temporary hit points equal to the Poison Tongue damage when it is applied via a bite attack.

Campaign Specific Feats

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