Unflinchingly arrogant, their mastery of the mental realm is unparalleled.

Physical Qualities

Typically of middling height, with a much slighter build compared to the other elvish races.

Valari skin is very pale, almost translucent, with veins readily apparent. They have no body hair, and many individuals have limited or no hair on their heads. Those with limited hair typically have a specific spot or spots of hair (e.g., a widow’s peak bang or a top-knot, pig-tails or locks from near the temples) which grows otherwise normally.

Valari typically have onyx or coal black hair; rare individuals have hay blonde hair, and rarer still have flaming red hair. Notably, the Imperial bloodline has numerous members with red hair.

Valari ears are of middling length, and are sharply pointed upwards.

Playing a Valari

The Valari are arrogant elitists, to be sure – but at their core they are most passionate about pursuits of the mind. Those that venture from the comfort of their urban wealth delight in puzzles, researching a situation, the challenge of intrigue, and strategic planning. Unfortunately, they are typically less interested in the practical execution surrounding all this mentation.

Though they are typically staunch atheists, most Valari believe they hear objects and events speak to them, telling them minor truths (though occasionally, also lies).

Position within the Empire:

The Valari are a very small portion of the total population, perhaps 10%. However, they occupy almost all positions in the Imperial government, and represent almost all of the official wealth in the society. The live almost exclusively in cities, where few members of the other races live permanently.

While certain portions of the government, for example the Judex, are nominal outside of Valari control, this is in fact not the case. As codified in the Writ of Empire, the Judex is supposed to be composed of a random selection from the population; however, the Imperial Seat exerts its long arm to manipulate the process, installing elves that are easily controlled or are already sympathetic to the Imperial ends.


Valari are extensively arranged; orders, guilds, societies, associations, layer upon layer of government hierarchy, et al. A single Valari is typically a vocal member of several of these groups, though actually acts in only one or two. The detailed governance of these groups is arcane, reflecting the Imperial Government; however, also like the central ruling body, these groups will have a single executive that chooses his or her successor, who presides over an appointed and organization endorsed rule making group, in parallel with a randomly chosen council responsible for addressing questions of those rules.


Ability Bonuses:
+2 Intellect, +2 Charisma
Size: M, Speed: 6, Vision: Norm
Skill Bonuses:
+2 Arcana, +2 Diplomacy

Dilettante: +1 ( +2/ +3 paragon/epic) to all untrained skills

Valari Education: Valari gain training in a knowledge skill; at paragon tier, gain the skill focus for this skill; at the epic tier, reroll any natural 1 result for checks against this skill

Master’s Will: +1 to Will defense ( +2/ +3 at paragon/epic) and attacks against Will, +5 to saving throws against charm and psychic effects; enemies are -5 to saving throws against the character’s charm and psychic effects.

Expert Duelist: Gain proficiency in a weapons or implement of your choice. At paragon tier, gain the expertise feat for your choice. At epic, gain the weapon specialization or superior implement feat for your choice.

Foresight: gain the encounter power Foresight:

Immediate Reaction
Trigger: you dislike an attack, skill check, or save roll result.
Target: the character
Effect: apply +1 ( +2/ +3 paragon/epic tier) to any skill/attack roll or +5 to a save roll. Apply this bonus before the roll is resolved; for a contested roll, you may see the contested result before deciding to apply this effect.


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